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Uganda’s commercial capital and main city is covered with red-tile villas, an urban center of contemporary skyscrapers, extensive collection of diverse artefacts and cuisines. Kampala is 1hr 7min (49.6 km) via Entebbe Express way


This second largest city in Uganda after Kampala and is located in the western region known for some of the largest cattle farms. The city is located approx. 4 hr 42 min 270 km from Kampala and 6 hr 19 min (351.5 km) from Entebbe Airport


Nicknamed “Kastone”, Kabale is a busy touristic town hosting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Lake Bunyonyi making it a worthy visit. Kabale is approximately 6hrs-409 km from Kampala and 6 hr 55 min 404.0 km from Entebbe airport


This is one the regional cities located below mount. Elgon, the second highest mountain in Uganda popularly known for coffee. Mbale is 4 hr 24 min (224.8 km) from Kampala and 4hr 52min (269.8 km) from Entebbe airport.


Let’s call this the Tourism city, FortPortal boasts of nature, location, environment and people to attract a large flocking of tourists. Located approx. 4 hr 48 min (294.6 km) from Kampala and 5 hr 17 min (321.7 km) from Entebbe airport.


An industrial town located at the shore of Lake Victoria, Jinja is monumental and touristic with the source of the nile, Itanda falls and Samuka Island worth a visit. Located 2 hr 6 min-81.3 km from Kampala and 3 hr 1 min-154.9km from Entebbe Airport
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